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Wong Chee Wai, Executive Director, Investor at Appco Group Thailand & Hong Kong

I was introduced to Gilbert about 10 years ago in 2006 because I felt it was time to start financial planning. I was 28 years old at the time and while I’ve always done my own investing, I’ve never really taken time to review my overall financial health and I thought it was about the right time.

I’ve come to learn that financial planning is extremely important because it’s not just about how much money I earn now, it’s about how I can translate that into a sustainable long term income stream and protection / safety net for the people around me (after me). Understanding my complete financial picture is also critical for me to manage my expenses and for me to reach my goal of financial independence.

Prior to our first meeting in Coffee Bean @Chinatown Point, I was part skeptical part concerned. What was I skeptical / concerned about? I just wanted to “talk and see how” yet my imagination of these agents are aggressive, not a good listener, just want to sell you their stuff, etc – you know what I mean. I have to say though, that right after I met Gilbert, all these concerns disappeared.

He had a calm demeanor about him which I really liked. He listened to me and we talked. In fact, we didn’t even do anything except get to know each other during our first meeting. I remember I “interrogated” him with tons of questions because I was serious and I wanted someone who I could count on for a lifetime (not someone green and would change their job after 2-3 years). Gilbert gave me all the answers I needed and more, which is why our relationship has continued till today.

Gilbert is always very well prepared and well informed (which is absolutely crucial), approaches our review very systematically without prejudice / bias and of all the characteristics I like most about him, the best is: he does not pressure me into making decisions.

If you are not ready for financial planning – you absolutely should start now… because I wish I started earlier than 28 years old.

If you are already considering it… you should meet Gilbert – no need to make any decisions and no need to feel any pressure like I did before my meeting. Have your first meeting, ask your questions and you can form your own opinions about him / his services.

I’m glad I met him.



Tracy Yong

Honors Teacher & Talent Management Manager at The Keys Academy, Singapore

“Gilbert is the husband of a dear friend and despite our friendship of 30 odd years, I have never been asked or pressured to consult him simply because of our relationship.

My husband and I initiated approaching him after we were let down by other agents and advisors, who did not follow-up or update us on our portfolio once we’ve signed on the dotted line.

In our requests for retirement planning, amongst other forms of insurance, Gilbert has been a most reliable and responsive financial advisor. Lastly, we feel assured that his recommendation is based on what he genuinely feels is most helpful to us as I know that he himself put his money where his mouth is! “


Head of Corporate Communications at Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

“Gilbert has been my financial planner for more than 10 years. Financial planning is important to me because I want to grow my money through the right investments. I word hard in my job and want my money to work hard for me too, instead of lying idle in my bank account. My goal is to maintain my current standard of living when I retire. Without financial planning, this would be difficult to achieve.

Gilbert is professional and clear in his communication. He does not hard sell. I can always trust him to recommend the most suitable financial or insurance product to me based on my needs and risk appetite. If you are looking for a reliable financial planner, Gilbert is your choice!”



Kianne Lim

Management Executive Trainee at Liberty Coffee

It’s my pleasure to recommend Gilbert, my friendly and capable independent financial adviser, to anyone who is keen to achieve their financial objectives. I first met Gilbert through my employer’s recommendation when I was struggling with insurance planning.

Currently in my early twenties, I’m working towards being financially independent, and easing my parents’ transition to retirement. Financial planning is crucial to me as I need to be in control and ensure financial security for my loved ones, especially in anticipation of unfortunate events. My conversations with Gilbert were stretched over the past few months, and I can attest to his strength of character and genuine belief in Doing the Right Things.

A reliable financial advisor and availing insurance coverage can make a huge positive influence in life. Gilbert stands out from other insurance agents/ financial advisors that I have met in the past. He is very patient and accommodating. Our first meeting was spent discussing my life goals and objectives, and I had not felt pressurised or obligated to sign the papers within the first meeting itself (which I believe is a common and unpleasant experience for many).

An excellent financial professional will help you factor in your personal (and family) financial considerations. Gilbert took a systematic approach in tailoring a solution based on my personal financial needs and goals. As an independent financial advisor, Gilbert remains objective and offer unbiased product comparisons. I appreciated the fact that he presented a selection of insurance policies, instead of dictating which is the “right policy” that I should be getting. I have benefitted immensely from Gilbert’s detailed explanations as he made sure to take time to ensure I understood why I need life insurance, how insurance works etc.

For all who are looking to purchase insurance or financial services, it is essential to increase your vocabulary to facilitate a better understanding of the insurance purchase process. Never feel pressured or obligated to purchase insurance from an agent (yes, even when the agent buys you lunch!). Take time to research and invest in a policy suitable for you.

Gilbert is an outstanding independent financial advisor with great commitment in prioritising his clients’ interests. I look forward to seeing all the good Gilbert will do to enhance financial literacy, and wish him all the success he truly deserves.


“Financial planning is important to me as it helps to provide for my family (at least financially) if anything were to happen to me. My wife would not have to worry about our mortgage, my children would be able to attend the university of choice and, my parents’ expenses would continue to be provided for. Given the above, a financial adviser needs to be reliable, dependable and independent to source for the best coverage that meets your requirement. I count myself lucky to have known Gilbert through a colleague close to 10 years ago, and till now, he remains the go-to person for all my family’s insurance needs (including claims).”

Eric Yee, early 30s, Banker. Husband and father of two


“I’m glad to have gone through the financial planning exercise with Gilbert, as it made me review savings targets, medical coverage and insurance needs in the case of debilitating illness. It was a good idea to have done this before I reached my 40s, and it would have been even better to have started earlier. Peace of mind is one reason, but better to lock-in our medical policies early so we don’t face exclusions should we try to buy medical insurance after an existing condition has been established.

Gilbert has the steadiness and constancy that imparts the assurance one would seek of an adviser in these matters.”
– Pauline Tan, 45, business owner.


My wife and I met Gilbert in 2002. It is a great experience to work with someone who is really interested in his clients’ needs on financial planning. We are impressed with your depth of knowledge and common sense approach.

We think it is very common among working adults that there is tendency to forget what insurance policies that you have bought. Gilbert had the patience to run through with us the details regarding our financial planning at the time when we met. He explained and recommended hospitalization policies which was missing at that time.

Financial planning has become a greater part of our lives after our daughter is born. It is becoming more meaningful and significance to re-look at our financial planning since now we have a dependent to consider. Immediately after our daughter is born, we had purchased a few policies for her to cover her hospitalization and education.

When my wife was diagnosed with early stage cancer in 2013, we were thankful that our policies on critical illness and hospitalization came into play. The treatment cost totaled $50,000.

Soo Chuan & Mabel, Feb 2016


“Good management and good planning that cater to the needs of each individual requirements Have benefited from the various type of investments that were planned for us.. Many thanks.”

James Tan, Retiree