Singaporeans living longer in good health and Bad

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Came across the following article

“MEN in Singapore have the second highest healthy life expectancy in the world and women the fourth highest…..But these longer healthy lives also come with longer years of disability”

“A boy born here in 2010 can expect to live 68.1 years in good health and 10.7 years coping with serious disability.

“A girl can expect 70 years of healthy life and 13.3 years with poor health”

“Women are hit especially hard by disability. Women aged 15 to 65 years lose more healthy life to disability than men.”

So what does it have to do with financial planning? EVERYTHING!

With increasing longevity, will your retirement nest egg be sufficient?

How big should your retirement nest egg be come the age you wish to retire?

Should health fails and your income ceases, how much are you willing to drain your reserves to fund your healthcare cost? how will you continue to care for your family and fund your financial commitments?

Is your insurance cover adequate?

Do you have disability insurance? Do you realize that many disability situations will not satisfy a Death, TPD or Critical Illness claim? i.e none of your existing policies will offer a payout. Hence, not having one is akin to trying to shield you and your family with an umbrella with gaping holes or caring for them in a house with a leaking roof.

Would you do that to your family?

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