Safe Journeys with NTUC Enhanced PreX plan

Going on a vacation?

It’s undoubtedly the top past time for busy working Singaporeans whenever we can can afford it or have time for.

A good vacation can involve much time involved in planning especially for free and easy multi-week vacations across Europe, U.S.A or Japan and can amount easily to a tidy five figure sum.

Now with your plans all finalized, leave applied and approved, flight and accommodations all paid, what’s next? Insure it of course!


Insurance is often an after thought or not consciously incorporated in one’s travel plan when it should, shouldn’t it? After all, what happens if the travel agency closes down before you travel (I’m sure you’ve read such horror stories in the papers)? What if a close family member falls ill and you need to cancel your trip? lose your passport or have your money stolen? lost luggage? fall ill and require hospitalization? and the list of possibilities goes on…and your vacation can turn out to be a real nightmare.

In such circumstances, you’ll be glad that you had bought a travel policy to insure against these and more. After all, the cost of insuring is insignificant relative to the cost of your vacation and the amount of time and effort put into planning, so the only logical decision is to get insured, isn’t it?

So now that you’ve decided to secure a travel policy, next question is, does it cover my pre-existing medical conditions?

Most insurers will not cover pre-existing medical conditions which means that if you have high blood pressure and you suffered a stroke whilst overseas and need emergency hospitalisation or medical evacuation back to Singapore, sadly you’re on your own…well until now.

An insurer has just launched a travel policy that will cover your pre-existing medical conditions, thereby giving you greater security and peace of mind. However, it comes with a caveat – there’s 50% co-payment or lower insured limits for certain benefits, and comes at a higher premium of course.

Notwithstanding, it’s an excellent option that is now available when previously there was none.

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