Financial planning guides, tools and resources

Financial planning guides, tools and resources


Your Guide to Life Insurance

Your Guide to Participating Policies

Guide to Health Insurance

Your Guide to Investment-Linked Insurance Plans

LIA Code of Life Insurance Practice

Making SENSE of Unit Trusts_English

A-3 Table of Surgical Procedures (TOSP) with Minor Surgical Procedures (MSPs)

FP_What is Eldershield


SRS_e-Flyer – 1 Jan 2016

SRS_e-Booklet – 1 Jan 2016

SRS_Booklet – 30 Dec 2015

Personal Income tax rates

Lasting Power Of Attorney



Medishield Life

Article from Gilbert Koh on Medishield Life Singapore

Comparison of Integrated Shield Plans

Hospital cost and charges

Hospitalisation Statistics

Life insurance claim statistics (NTUC)


Financial calculators