Eldershield and Eldershield supplement

Eldershield Plan

What does Eldershield do?

What situations can render one incapable of performing 3 out of 6 ADLs (Activities of Daily Living)?
– Serious illness e.g cancer, stroke,
– Mental illness e.g Dementia, Alzheimer
– Serious Accident

Wouldn’t my hospital plan help?
– yes, until you stabilize and will discharge you thereafter. But that doesn’t mean that you have fully recovered but instead could need physiotherapy, palliative or hire a helper to take care of your daily needs. These cost will not be covered by the hospitalization plan.

Let’s examine the cost

1. hire a helper
– a maid will set you back by about S$1,000/month (all-in cost)

2. Community hospital (charges below are on monthly basis, source: MOH, 2006)

3. Nursing home (charges below are on monthly basis, source: MOH, 2006)

– the risks are real and clearly, the S$400/month payout by Eldershield will NOT be adequate.
– Hence, for those who wish to be better protected, our Govt allows you to use up to S$600/yr in Medisave to purchase an Eldershield supplement like Aviva MyCare

Note: Our Govt is highly protective in our Medisave usage. By allowing us to use it to buy an Eldershield supplement speaks highly of its importance.
How does Aviva MyCare works?
– choose your desired monthly benefit amt
– choose how long you wish to receive the payouts upon a claim event, 12yrs or lifetime
– choose how long you wish to pay your premium; up till age 67 (subject to minimum 20 years) or lifetime.
Aviva MyCare_illustration

How does MyCare work in conjunction with Eldershield?


example, If MyCare has benefit of S$800/month for lifetime

During first yr of claim, amount received = S$400 from Eldershield + S$(800-400) from Aviva = S$800/month + lump sum of S$1.2k

Subsequent claim year 2 – yr 6             = S$400 from Eldershield + S$(800-400) from Aviva = S$800
After year 6, claim amount                   = S$800/month from Aviva

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