Disability Insurance

Do you realize that you’re a potential millionaire?

That’s right! A vast majority of us are…so long as we continue to work. For example, if you’re age 30 and earning S$3k/month unchanged up till age 62, your lifetime earnings would be $1.15mil.

Should you factor bonuses and salary increments, your total lifetime earnings will be significantly more.

Do own a house or a car and have you taken COMPREHENSIVE cover for the FULL value of your ‘assets’?

I find it interesting that while most people do not hesitate to insure their assets such as car and property, and would usually insure it up to their full value, it’s quite a different story when it comes to insuring themselves…which without doubt is worth a whole lot more. Are you one of them?

Since financing of your assets and providing for your family is dependent on your continued ability to generate income, shouldn’t your personal insurance take top priority? And have you taken up COMPREHENSIVE cover on your #1 Asset i.e YOU?

As with most people, you probably realize the consequences of disability and have attempted to insure yourself against such situations by taking up a plan that covers Total & Permanent
Disability (TPD) and Critical Illness (CI) cover. However, that still leaves you exposed to a significant area of risk. For instance, what if your disability was:-

– temporary and not total & permanent in nature
– caused by an illness outside the 30 Critical Illness or simply caused by an accident?


In such a scenario, not only will you be unable to make a claim under your existing insurances, you will be expected to continue funding the premiums…but where will the money come from,
especially if you are likely to lose your current occupation and income as a result of your

How will you continue to fund your

  • family’s ongoing living and household expenses?
  • home mortgage payments?
  • child education expenses?
  • car loan installments?
  • out of pocket medical expenses?

Well, good news as there’s a plan that can offer you the following benefits:-

1. insures risk of disabilty (temporary or permanent) arising from ANY Accident or Illness which renders you incapable of continuing in your OWN occupation and caused you to suffer a loss in income

2. gives you a monthly cash benefit of up to 75% of your last drawn salary till age 65

3. gives you a pro-rated monthly cash benefit in the event you are able to return to employment in a reduced capacity
Thus, having more of the same cover (which you currently have) would serve little comfort if that cover is not comprehensive enough. Plugging that risk exposure by complementing your existing whole life plans with a Disability plan would make better sense, wouldn’t you agree?
Since most of us will place our family’s interest in the highest priority, then let’s not leave things to chance…..for the Cost of Inaction far exceeds the Cost of taking Affirmative action.

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