Selecting your financial adviser

Selecting your financial adviser

What type of financial adviser will serve me best?

There are basically 3 types you can choose from, namely:-

  1. Bank relationship manager (RM)
  2. Tied insurance agent (Financial planner
  3. Independent financial adviser (IFA)


Your choice will be dependent on how important the following benefits will be to you :-

  1. Unbiased advise
  2. Accessibility to a comprehensive range of products & services across different providers with the ease of dealing with just one adviser, thereby saving you precious time and money in the process.
  3. Ease of product comparison
  4. An adviser that represents me instead of the insurance or investment company
  5. Having a systematic and objectively driven process to help me discover and address my areas of financial needs.

If you desire to benefit from all of the above, I believe dealing with an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will be your ideal choice.


Just as no medical doctor will be on equal ground with their peers in terms of experience, expertise and your level of comfort with them individually, it’s very much the same for an IFA.

It’s recommended to base your choice on the following criteria:-

  • how established is the company and its reputation in the industry
  • what’s the experience and reputation of the adviser and does he practice holistic financial planning
  • what relevant academic and professional qualifications and achievements the adviser has
  • testimonials from clients
  • your personal level of comfort with the adviser. This is important as you’ll be sharing your personal goals and financial information in the discussion.


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